Sunday, January 25, 2015

camera learning, yarn, and beauties

Good Sunday Greetings....and yes, it is still Sunday here in Seattle!
My post is a bit late because we took a little whirlwind trip over the mountains to see our Grandys!
We had an action packed weekend, which included my husband helping my son-in-law tear down a dropped ceiling in their little house and then dry walling a new one!  The girls found this to be fascinating.

On our way home we stopped to see the mighty Snoqualmie Falls and to get  coffee for the last leg of our trip home.  The Falls are raging right now due to the warm temperatures in our mountains and the continual melting  of what little snow we do get as it is usually followed up with a wet warm storm afterwards.  Majestic!

  (Note: I got brave this weekend and began shooting with my new camera on the manual setting vs. the automatic settings.  My pictures are not the best here as there appears to be a steep learning curve for this!)

In knitting news, I have been switching back and forth between my two main projects, Rainbow Mitts and January Blues Frisson.   I photographed these outside at my daughter's house this morning. It was a cold foggy morning and I was trying to capture the starkness of winter where she lives. In the picture of my Frisson hanging from the branch, the trees in the background are apple trees, part of an orchard next door to their property.

Both projects are progressing nicely and I am hoping to finish the mitts tonight.

Since that is all the knitting news, I am going close with snaps of my little beauties, Lyddie age 5, Millie age 3,  and Rosie age 18 months.

I will be around to visit the rest of my yop friends throughout the week!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

yarn and football?!

Happy Sunday!
As  I type this, the football game is on but we are struggling for some reason, so I am taking a break to start my weekly YOP post....  I have been working all week on my Seahawk mitts, and I have to say, this pattern is giving me a little bit of a fit--especially the left one. I have started that one 3 times and just could not get the stitch count right between the gusset and the pattern part of the top of the hand.   So, I improvised and made the pattern work for me. I only have another 8 row repeat to do before I bind off the hand, and then I just have the little thumb to go.

Edited 6 hours later:  We won!  We are headed back to the Super Bowl after the most stressful and amazing comeback victory ever!!  The mitts are just about done--just need to do the thumb on the left hand and now I have a very good reason to finish them!!

I also hope to finish my Rainbow Mitts this week (pictured last week)--they will be super stretchy and comfortable to wear.  Perfect for wearing at work when I have to type with cold stiff hands.

Part of my YOP list includes time for knit-a-longs and I have started a new one yesterday. We are using Myra's Fancy Image fingering and doing shawls.  I have chosen the Frisson pattern--one I have been wanting to knit since last winter.  Here is the very beginning of it--

This January yarn-of-the-month blue I think will work up really nice!  I am using a size 5 needle with this fingering so it should be lacy and holey and drapey.....

Yesterday my  friends and I  went on a fun one day mini retreat. It was sponsored by one of the fiber guilds about an hour away from us. It was a fun relaxing day of meeting new people and working on projects and even shopping a little bit.

I purchased this little kit--it will make a small felted bag to hold dice for the game Farkel. 

It will also fit a small fold-able cribbage board and cards if that is your game of choice.  I have never played Farkel, but I do know it is a dice game.  Look at the pretty dice my kit came with!  They match the yarn--the mutli-colored bit that is hard to see,  is a hand-spun.  

Well, I better close this and get ready to go out to dinner--celebratory Chinese food!  :) 

And now, one more time... Go Hawks!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Books and Yarn

Yarn Along with Ginny at Small Things.....
I am a bit late, but it is still Wednesday  so I am forging ahead with my post!

On my needles I have the left hand of my Seahawks X-Mitts and you can see that the right hand is completed. I am working very hard to get them finished by the weekend when we play our 2nd play off game!   I really like this pattern and think there may be more of them in my future!

On my Kindle I am reading One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern. I have always enjoyed her novels and while this one is reviewed by many as a rom com, chick lit,  I do not feel it fits that category totally. It doesn't have that frivolous feel to it.  The main character, Kitty, is not very likable and I am not too sympathetic towards her....yet.  I think she is embarking on a personal journey which will bring out the better part of her that seems to be lost in the opening pages of the story. Ahern has a nice easy  writing style and I find it hard to put this down each night to go to sleep--the plot development is like a slow burn, but I can sure feel it building.

What are you knitting and reading?   Any fun fingerless mitt patterns?  Favorite authors? 
Please share.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

yarn winding

Sunday has rolled around again and it is time for a Year of Projects update.  I was all set to do a book update,  midweek last week, but here we are at Sunday already. Maybe next week?

This week the knitting has been all about the mitts. I worked on my crazy rainbow mitts-one is done and the 2nd one is started.  But then, I realized that I had bought yarn last fall to make myself a pair of Seahawk mitts and now that the season could be over any weekend now, I decided I better hop to it and get them made! We won our game yesterday and only have one more to go next weekend....and then the two Super Bowl teams will be set and you can imagine how crazy we Seattle folks right now with a team poised to make it there again for the 2nd straight year.  There are lots of haters out there towards our team, so a 2nd trip in two years would be sweet justice for us! :)

I realized that I may never have mentioned that I received a yarn swift and ball winder for Christmas!  Now I can wind my own little cakes of yarn whenever the feeling comes over me. Here are pictures from when I wound this beautiful wintery blue fingering weight yarn that I am going to be using for a Shawl kal which starts next Saturday.

I am going to knit the Frisson-- this is a pattern I have had my eye on for quite some time.  I will be making the bigger version I think.   My Iberian Discovery shawl was not picked up at all this past week because of the Seahawk urgency!

Not much other news from here--just getting up each day and going to work, always looking forward to Friday when my three day weekends begin. Next weekend I will have 4 days off due the Martin Luther King holiday.
I hope you all are staying healthy and one step ahead of the nasty influenza that has hit many parts very hard. My co-worker came to work sick with it last Friday and we actually had to tell her to go home!  Gee, thanks for potentially sharing that with the rest of us! 

Ta Ta for now lovely readers...

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two weeks....

Two weeks in a row.
I have posts up two weeks in a row.
I am so proud of myself.

Tomorrow, I head back to work after being off since the 24th, which already seems so very far away!    While I don't really want to go back, I am feeling better about my job as I just received a raise which goes along way  to feeling a bit more appreciated, especially as I work for a non-profit and we have been struggling with funding source cuts from the state and federal government. Raises for now will be few and far between.

I am loving my Stephen West Iberian Discovery shawl and have made great progress on it. In fact, I really did not work on much else all week.   I am showing you a big view, although it is quite scrunched up on the cable and then a close up, which shows my first welt.   I can hardly wait  to wrap up in this!

I also thought I would share a couple of my finished projects from this fall--I finished my traveling dollie, who I have named Hattie. She is a work of art for me as I have never  knit a "toy" that was this complicated. I also knit up her little dress.    (Her long wild hair is pulled back in a bun in this photo) Isn't she a hoot? ;)

And because I am just so proud and excited about my Seahawk team, I am showing the 2 hats I knit for Sam and Austen.... We are hoping to be  Super Bowl bound again!!!!

I have to run off to dinner with friends, but will be visiting later.  Oh, and how excited are some of  us Americans?  Downton Abbey begins again for us tonight!   Tomorrow I am hoping to write a little  bit  about the book part of my life and my new journal----

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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year! 

I have truly ignored my little blog and never intended to do so for so long.  I have missed it and missed visiting my friends from around the world via their blogs.  My New Year's hope is that I can carve out time for this once again.   It has been a busy fall and then holiday season--birthdays and anniversaries, love and life and all the messy that accompanies it!

I am still on my weight loss journey and am down about 16.5 pounds and have had to fight for every one of those pounds.  I am exercising consistently on our fancy recumbent bike, and I have to admit it feels good to be taking charge of this area of my life.

Lots and lots of knitting has been happening--and I will show some finished objects in my post this coming weekend-- but here is a peek at what I am working on....

1. I totally frogged my Ashby Shawl as I allowed myself to admit that while I love the pattern, I did not love it enough to endure the agony of all those cables and pages and pages of charts. So, since I love the yarn (Shepherds Wool) and I have 750 yards of it, I decided to cast on a Stephen West pattern---Iberian Discovery.

 Obviously, I have just cast on, as this thing grows to be quite a large wrap which is something I want.  A big soft squishy shawl to wrap up in when I am cold!  See my fancy welt in this picture?  It is created by knitting a live stitch with a stitch (picked up from the back) eight rows down!  That was a lot of work all across that row--there will be two more welts further down when there are even more stitches on the needles. 

2.  I had a lot of leftover Zitron Trekking from my Spectra Scarf and it is so unique that I thought a little pair of mitts would be cute. The pattern is called Short and Sweet Mitts. It is a go to pattern for me--well written and knits up quickly.

I wear mitts at work all the time as we have 3 people crammed in a little bedroom (seriously, it is a 3rd floor bedroom in an old house) where the heat is hard to control. The people on the 1st and 2nd floors have trouble staying warm so they turn up the heat, which makes our office very stuffy--then my co-worker opens the window and while it usually feels okay, my hands get cold and stiff and typing gets difficult. Thus, mitts!   Sadly, they have discontinued this colorway which is a mystery to me as it was a top seller and my lys could hardly keep it in stock.

That is all I have time for today my friends--and now I will be off to visit some of you!

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