Saturday, April 18, 2015

All the rage.....

Have  you heard of Arne and Carlos Regia sock yarn?  I hadn't until just a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know if anyone in my area was even selling it. I knew I could order it online but I just love buying yarn at a store where I can see it up close in good light and feel it in my hands.  To my surprise, a small shop in my town is carrying a little bit of it. So I purchased a skein. The funny thing is that I am not a real fan of this shop for a variety of reasons. But now?  I may have to make a return trip tomorrow to see if they have anymore left....  :)


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Thursday, April 16, 2015

yarn along.... late

I know I am late getting this up, but since I started this post yesterday I decided to go ahead and post it anyway!

I am working on my Kaika socks. This is  a mystery sock kal, designed by Michelle of Knit Purl Hunter. I am way behind on the clues, but that is okay with me as I am on a journey with these socks. The journey of figuring out how to create a sock that fits me like I want it to, while working with my own personal knitting style. I have finally figured out, that for this particular pattern, I am happiest with the toe knit with a size 1 Sock Rocket and then the foot being knit with a size 0.  The reason, I believe, is that that I purl much more loosely in the round than I do with the knit stitch. When I tried the cable/rib section with the size 1, it was much too loose and sloppy looking.  I also got brave and added a couple of extra stitches to the bottom of the foot--which I will decrease back down when I get to the heel.  The heel is a new short row technique called Japanese Short Rows--looks a little daunting and you can be sure I will be putting a lifeline in before attempting it!~

I am reading A Dangerous Place, by Jacqueline Winspear. It is a Maisie Dobbs mystery and I just love the way the plot and mystery slowly develops as well as the character development. Some Maisie readers have not given this book such a glowing review, but I am loving it and never read these books with such a critical eye--I am reading for enjoyment.

So, tell me. What are you creating and what are you reading?

I am linking up with Ginny.....
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

year of projects

Happy Easter everyone!   This is short and sweet--I need to get ready for church then the rest of the day will consist of hosting brunch and then dinner in the evening for my beloved family. I actually think there will be knitting time in between, as I have so  much food prep already done!    

As far as knitting goes.....

Here are my mystery sock kal hosted by knit purl hunter.  I sure love this brightness of this yarn.  The pattern is called Kaika which means bloom in Japanese.  I think these socks will remind me of cherry blossoms!  I am knitting two socks in tandem instead of two at a time...

And my Hitchhiker continues to grow.  I need it to be done by next Saturday as that is when we ride the train to Portland to do some yarn shopping.  I was doing so well on it until last night when I discovered a glaring mistake and had to tink back 12 rows!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week's post should feature some yarn joy which will have been purchased on our Portland trip!


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

fiber love

Sunday greetings!  I guess I didn't do well with my hope to blog more often, last week! I didn't even get a Year of Projects post up.   But that doesn't mean that lots of knitting hasn't been happening.  In fact I am making nice progress on my two most pressing wips--Rosie's dress, and my kal cowl/scarf/shawl for our trip to Portland on the train.

I decided to scrap the idea of the Mostly Warmness Cowl, and chose to knit another Hitchhiker which is actually by the same designer and has the same sawtooth edges.  I really like this pattern, which is evidenced by the fact that this is my 2nd one and I normally don't knit 2 of any same pattern!  I love the garter, the side-to-side shaping, the easy to remember 8 row repeat and mostly how versatile it is to wear!  Myra from Fancy Image Yarn in Shelton Washington dyed this yarn special for us.  It is bright and not my normal color scheme but it looks great against a black top--adds a pop of color.

Rosie's Tiny Dress is coming along well.  I have the front done and need to move to the back and do the same thing, with the 2nd sleeve coming in at the end.  This side-to-side garment construction is kind of funky, but I think I am getting the hang of it.  This will be warm and squichy for her to wear next Fall.

 In other news, I traveled up north of Seattle to visit my Mom for lunch this past week.  That is no easy or relaxing feat, as traffic through the city is always horrendous.  As I was driving along, a bulletin appeared on a traffic sign that there had a been an accident ahead and I was headed right towards a 6 mile back-up and I wanted NO part of that.  I got off at the next exit and after my momentary panic wore off and I was able to pull up gps, I remembered that there are back ways through the city, over the hills and across the water to get where I needed to go.  I worked my way north and was able to get back on the freeway, north of the back-up and had smooth sailing for the last 10 minutes of my drive

 I did not want to try to repeat that way home later, so I stuck to the freeway, even though at 3:30 I was in the middle of Friday afternoon rush hour. After creeping along for an hour at 5-10 miles an hour, I was finally able to get off the freeway close to home and decided I deserved a reward for all of  this. So what does a girl like me do?  

Why I stopped at a small yarn store of course!  I don't frequent this particular shop very often as they don't have a very nice reputation. I had heard they were working on correcting that so I thought I should give them a chance.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Cobasi on sale for $4.95 a skein.  See what I bought!   I think it will make a nice stripey shawl next Fall!  

Last but not least, I must show you my yarn for the Knit Purl Hunter mystery sock kal which starts this coming Thursday.  It is not too late to join and I have to say her mystery kals are so well presented with lots of help--both with her videos and via the Knit Purl Hunter group on Ravelry.  This pattern is going to feature some Japanese stitches!  Some people are going to try Two-At-A-Time (taat) but I am not ready to tackle two pairs of socks on the same cable, in the round, so I am going to knit my two in tandem since I have two pairs of the needles I will need. I am hoping a size 1 will get me gage, and then going down to a 0 for the heel.  I wound my yarn last night into two even balls and can't wait to get started!

And lastly, I am sharing another Spring-Is-Here photo.  This is of our cherry  tree in the back yard. My wish is that those still struggling with snow will take heart and have hope of Spring when they see this.

Happy knitting everyone--and wishes for a wonderful week!  I am off now to watch the first episode of the new season of Call the Midwife!

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Today was bittersweet.  My son moved out.

This is not the first time, but I am pretty sure it is the last time.

It isn't like he has never lived far from us--he lived in China for two years for pity sake--but I will miss him.
He moved home two years ago, at our invitation.

He was in a rough loans, other debt and then the need for a new car.  He has paid off everything--except those pesky college loans--they will be with him for a very long time.

But today, he spread his wings again and moved into an apartment with friends.

He is my oldest son, second child.  And I will miss him.  Have I mentioned that?

The good part?  He is a lot closer than China!

I will love you forever, Andrew Layne.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

simple things

Ahh....the sense of accomplishment of a nicely wound cake of yarn.   I sure do enjoy having my own swift and ball winder..

Happy weekend wishes to you all.  I have a jam packed one ahead of me, but hope to find some quiet knitting time in the midst of it all.

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