Wednesday, March 4, 2015

socks and tomatos

I have the day off from work!
The reason?
I am attending an all day Cat Bordhi workshop, learning about sock knitting and the Sweet Tomato Heel!
Here is my selfie, before leaving the house...

Wish me luck!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

yarn time

Sunday greetings!  All too soon Monday morning will be here dragging me into a new work-week.  I could really use those 40 hours in much more satisfying endeavors!

We keep marching towards Spring here in Seattle--we just ended the warmest February ever recorded.  Boo!   I want winter--  Today was not so bright and sunny though, and I did get out and play with my camera today--

Future Blueberries in our backyard

Our neighbors Forsythia (see how gray the sky is today?  That has not been the norm this year)

Anyway....on to what most of you have tuned in for.....knitting stuff!

I started my Mostly Warmness cowl and quickly discovered that while I am a fairly confident knitter, I am not cut out for crochet.  This is my first every provisional cast on and the sight of me trying to maneuver a crochet hook was quite hilarious!  You can see my cast on edge here, it is the white and blue edge.  I think I did it correctly, but the proof will be when I go to undo it at the end!

I have also been devoting quite a bit of my knitting time to Rosie's little dress. The maroon moss stitch is the cuff for one sleeve-it is knit sideways and I have also split the front and back.  It doesn't look like much but I have hope it will turn out correctly.

That is all I have for now.  I will be writing later about the Cat Bordhi sock class I am attending on Wednesday.  Should be a blast!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

eye candy

New yarn.

I needed some new pretty stuff, because you probably all know of the yarn shortage I have, well actually, that you all probably have too!
This is hand-dyed by Myra at Fancy Image Yarn for the  kal my knitting friends and I participating in for our big fiber outing, The Seattle to Portland Yarn Train/ Yarn Crawl.

The pattern we are knitting is Mostly Warmness. I will modify  my pattern a bit as I don't want it to be so tight against my  neck, so will knit it  a bit  longer before joining it together.

On our  trip we get to experience a 3 hour train ride with lots of knitting, and then spending the day in Portland's Pearl District shopping in the yarn stores.  We have lunch out, dinner out, then hop back on the train for another 3 hour train ride.  We have so much fun!  The date is in early April and the weather is usually a little bit dodgey, so each year we knit cowls or scarves and then we can also identify other people who are there who love Myra's yarn.

Isn't it just so yummy and bright and springy?  It sure is a good thing I put a kal category in my Year of Projects list this year, as I seem to be falling into them right and left!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

bag lady

I have been a bag girl since I was old enough to toddle around with my Mama's purse.  I adore purses and tote bags of all shapes and sizes. Oh, and baskets too!

So imagine my delight when I began to  knit and realized I didn't have to carry my knitting projects around in ziploc bags!  That there are all shapes and sizes of project bags available to me.
Oh joy!

I have found though, that sometimes these lovely little bags can be a bit expensive, and use up precious money that I could be using to buy more yarn, so I can start more projects, so I can get more project bags.... and on and on it goes. 

So one day I decided to get my sewing machine out and try making some little bags for myself. I had found a tutorial for these little Japanese Knot Bags, on line and with them only using 2 fat quarters a piece are actually quite affordable to make....I even made one for each of my knitting friends whom I knit with every week--Nine of them!  They love them so much and each Thursday when I arrive at Panera Bread for knit night, I find those loved little bags all over our large table with little projects peeking  out of them. 

Some other bags with tutorials I would like to try someday are:

Squared Off  Top...

Lined Draw String...

Or,  This Lined Draw String...

So how about you? Do you love bags as much as I do? And if so, do you make your own?

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

yarnish stuff

Hello!    Greetings from a mild overcast Seattle day......I know that most of the U.S. is blanketed under snow and ice, but here in the Northwest corner of things, our winter has been mostly Spring like.  I took my new camera out side today and tried to capture a few shots of Spring to share with my housebound, East coast friends....they will appear at the end of this post, as they are not as well executed as my fiber photos are today...

It was a crazy short work week for me last week and I have to say that I was pretty single minded with my knitting choices.  All I need to do is bind off my first Baudelaire sock and then it would be done and I could cast on sock #2.  Alas, I couldn't be bothered with that task because I found myself a bit obsessed with this tiny dress I am knitting for my sweet baby Grand, Rosie. I  wrote a separate post all about this project last week, here, and today I show you a picture of a sleeve with maroon cuff and the first triangles of color which are a lovely, rich  golden color.  I know it is a bit of mess looking right now, but trust me, it will be adorable when completed.  :) (fingers crossed)

 I am sad to say that I spent a lot of extra time on that sleeve as I misread the pattern and knit it over twice as big as it was supposed to be--so ripping back to the maroon cuff was necessary.  I think I am on the right track now!   The pattern is knit sideways and this is totally a new concept for me.

On Friday, my friends and I took a little trip to our favorite yarn store which is located about 2 hours from home.  It is Fancy Image Yarns, and owned by indie dyer, Myra.  We brought food for a little potluck with her and sat around her little sitting area in the shop and knit.. Of course we did do a little purchasing too!   Of all the Seahawk colored yarns which abound here in my neck of the woods, her yarn is the absolute most spot on, color wise. I knit color-work hats for two of my boys for Christmas with Seahawk yarn, but boy number three is a die hard Sounders  (soccer) fan and I knew he would like a hat with their colors better.  Well, Myra finally has mastered their team colors and I of course purchased some for hat #3.  Also pictured with this yarn is a cute little handmade shawl pin.

I thought I would also share a couple of little shout-outs to fellow bloggers I follow who have shared things I find meaningful, helpful or just plain beautiful!

I haven't listened to many podcasts but my daughter does so,  I thought I would check some out. Do any of you have a favorite you listen to?  If so, please share!

And now, last of all,  is a little burst of spring....

That is all for now, lovelies!  I will be around to visit my other yop'ers in a little while. Right now, laundry piles are yelling at me!


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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rosie Posie Pudding & Pie

I had that moment!

You know the kind-----that moment when you  find  the exact pattern you  have been searching for, for weeks.  When you want  to knit something extra special for someone but you aren't sure what --and you spend hours on Ravelry browsing and browsing, just waiting for  the light to shine down from Heaven on a particular pattern?

Well, my sweet Grandy, Rosie,  will be turning two in April....and my dilemma has been, what to knit?  Whatever I knit will not be worn until Fall, because she lives where there are very warm Springs, and even hotter Summers.  

This time the light shone down on a Facebook post.

There was a fiber festival in my neck of the woods this past weekend  and my favorite yarn dyer had a booth.  She posted a picture of two little girls who were shopping with their Mama. I saw this dress on the littlest girl, and Shazam!!! The light of Heaven shone down and I just knew that was what I had been searching for!   I commented on the Facebook post, and the Mama commented back and I now have the pattern, and the yarn!  I could hardly wait for church to let out on Sunday, so I could scurry down to the yarn store and choose my yarns.

 And here they colors--

The yarn is Simplicity--
Oh! And the pattern is called Maddie's Tiny Dress.

So far I have the first sleeve almost done. It is knit sideways and this is something new for me!

 My next dilemma?  Big sister Millie has a birthday the same week as Rosie. She will be turning four....


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