Monday, August 31, 2015


After the wedding ceremony fun....  These girls were marvelous!

I will be back to share about the wedding soon!  Today the last of our company leaves and we will put our house back together and then go out to a movie!  (Rogue Nation to be exact)

I have not knit in a week! How did  *that* happen??
I am reading The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy--and it has been the perfect type of book during this past crazy week!

PS: my bathroom remodel did get completed!  

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Sisters... smores and ice-cream for Poppi's birthday.  
Granddaughters are the best!

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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Excuse my mess.......

 My wonderful husband decided to not only remodel our small bathroom earlier this month, but he also decided to redo our master bath, starting last Sunday.
 New flooring, new paint, new bead board, new trim, new vanity  & sink, new mirrored medicine cabinet, new tub surround...

These pictures were taken of my house, this morning.  We all know how a remodel of one room spills out to all the other rooms in the house

The wedding my friends, is 5 days away.
My daughter and her family is arriving to day--with my beautiful little girls. I am so happy they are coming early and getting out of where they live--they have been consumed by smoke from all the wildfires burning on their side of the mountains and the air quality is so bad. 

But I digress. My husband's goal is to finish this project by tonight.
I can't really do much cleaning and straightening until he does.

I  have managed to do a little knitting.  This is my steadily growing Drachenfels Shawl.  The endless rows of garter are soothing and mindless and just what I have needed these past two weeks.

~~~side note:  We ate peach crisp and ice-cream for breakfast this morning....

I will probably not be posting or have time to do much blog visiting this week.  You know, with company and a wedding and all......! 

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

on the needles, between the pages

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along--showcasing knits and books!

I have a jumble of yarn to share--pink Livie Sweater and dramatic Drachenfels Shawl.   I was a bit dismayed to realize, now that the body of the sweater is done and bound off, that I used a needle which was one size too big.  
Swatch, Kim! Swatch!  I am not sure how this will turn our in the end, but I press on.

I am reading  (still) All the Light We Cannot See--and I am savoring it.  The plot is steadily being driven forward and individual lives are about to collide, I feel.   
Also, on my weekend getaway this past weekend, I picked up a more lighthearted, yet probably full of interpersonal angst, book--The Vacationers by Emma Straub.  I have not started it yet, so no thoughts to share.

In other news, work pretty much is stressing me out this week,  our son's wedding is less than 20 days away, my to do list keeps growing and I only have to survive through next week at work and then I have 1.5 weeks off! 
What post from me this summer would be complete without me whining mentioning our crazy hot weather?  It has been nuts here-90+ degree days abound and I am tired of it!

So!   What are you reading and creating this week?


Sunday, August 9, 2015

a year of projects and weekend fun

Sunday greetings!  Can you believe that it is almost the middle of  of August?  Twenty days from today is my son's wedding....Ack!  Where have the years flown? 

I spent a wonderful two days and night with my adult daughter this weekend, in a little town by her, called Ellensburg.  We had so much fun and was the first time we have spent that much time together sans children since she became a mommy almost 6 years ago.  We ate yummy food out, and went to a charming little yarn store where we both sat and knit and visited with the owner--(Ann from Yarn Folk is so sweet and encouraging)--we poked around in some bookstores and the farmers market, and we watched Mama Mia in our hotel room and sang along. We snacked on chocolate, wine and brie.
We talked and talked and laughed and cried.
It was glorious.


 Here she is, teaching herself how to do a crochet provisional cast on.  She started a new project too--I am sure she will blog about it on her blog, His Little Wife,  this coming week...

Of course, a mini vacation which included a yarn store absolutely means a new project!  I have so many projects on the go, that casting this on really was ridiculous but oh-so-fun.  See my pretty new Malabrigo?  And that pretty little beginning of a shawl?  It is going to grow up to be a beautiful  Drachenfels shawl!  It seems everyone around me is knitting this pattern, and seeing as how I am such a joiner,  it was fate that I would find the perfect yarn at Anne's little yarn store this weekend!

In case you are beginning to think I am a totally irresponsible knitter, I need to reassure that knitting on Lyddie's Livie sweater did occur also this weekend.  This garment?  Also made from Malabrigo. Hmmm........ think I have a thing for that yarn???

 And then I still have my Duped scarf on the needles.  It is a little hard to make myself work on this right now.  Being in the high 80's to mid 90's everyday, and this yarn being worsted and all....And guess what?? It is also Malabrigo!  Yes.  It is a true.  I am in love with this brand of yarn!

I  better jump off this computer and go finish making dinner.  Then I am settling in for a little knitting time while I go to that little place of denial that tomorrow is already Monday and a new work week awaits!


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Sunday, August 2, 2015

year of projects

Hello from hot and sweaty Seattle!
How many of you think rain and gloom when you hear the name Seattle?
Well, here is a snippet from this mornings online weather forecast.....

"Seems every day around here we talk of a new heat record.

How about another one for the pile?

With another sunny and hot day on tap for Seafair Sunday, if temperatures reach 90 again -- and we think it will -- it'll be the 5th day in a row at 90 degrees or warmer. This would tie the all-time record set… about a month ago. Before this year, it had only happened once in 120 years, now it's probably going to happen twice in the same year

Guys!  I am melting here.  Please remember, before you east coaster's mock me, that very few of us have central air conditioning.  I didn't even have an air conditioned car until about 9 years ago! I actually live southeast of Seattle, away from the water of the Puget Sound, so our temps are always higher. Yesterday as I was out doing errands it was 98 degrees.

Anyway--I suppose you don't really want to keep hearing me whine about my onto the knitting stuff....

I am still working on Lyddie's Livie sweater and my Duped scarf.  I work and work and work on these but yet can't seem to actually finish something!  Hopefully by the end of August I will have a whole slew of finished objects.

I am really wanting to cast on some shawls for myself--so much yarn, so many patterns, so little time! Still, I resist, but my resolve to cast on new shiny things might be weakening......

 See these two lovelies?  (this is the picture on the groom's dinner invitations we sent out)

This is my son and his fiancee.  I love them so....and the wedding is less than 30 days away!

That is all I have for this quick little update. Laundry to fold,  grocery shopping to do,  and all that other jazz in order to be prepared for a new work week!

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