Sunday, April 6, 2014

yop: yarn, yarn and more yarn

Yesterday I had a grand adventure!  
I got to ride a train.
I know many of my readers will say "So what?  I do it every day."
But what many don't understand is that Seattle has abysmal public transit. If  I  lived in the city,  there would be no train option to get around.  Living in the suburbs like I do would give me a train option if I needed to get downtown to work. But I don't work downtown. I work 10 minutes from my home. So no need for trains.

But yesterday?  I (along with three of my knitting friends) rode the train to Portland Oregon--about 3.5 hours each way.  And then, when we got to Portland, we walked all over the Pearl District and shopped at yarn stores, and ate lunch out, and ate dinner out!  A perfect day--even if did rain a bit on us!  

I had decided that I was going to spend my day looking for special fingering weight yarns so I can make more socks!  I can't believe that I finally tackled my first pair of socks this year, that I lived to tell about it, and that I want to make more. They are such a nice portable little project to have on the go. I am happy to say that I stuck to my goal--and came home with some beautiful yarn--some Lorna Laces, Madeline Tosh, a hand dyed, and some Shibui.  Want to see?

Lovely? Yes?

As far as knitting goes....well, I have been working on my sweater for Lyddie and have made some nice progress--I just did not photograph it today.  Oh, and the kitty project mentioned last week did not see any progress so no new pictures of it either. 
I did cast on a pair of socks though!   These are my Sweet Coriolis by Cat Bordhi.  I am using More Twist For Your Sox, and hand dyed fingering from Myra at Fancy Image Yarns.  I am totally in love with this pattern and think it is perfect for this yarn.  I am really anxious to try her sweet tomato heel--I have watched videos and it looks amazing.  The other technique used in this pattern is her hungry stitch technique-designed to help snug up those pesky ssk's which can be looser and sloppier than their sister stitch, k2together.  I hated those sloppy ssk's in my first pair of socks--no matter what I did, they did not meet my personal standards.  I am right now thinking that Cat is a genius.


The last little treat I have to show you is my mystery shawl kal ---designed and hosted by Michelle (Knit Purl Hunter). I am using Rylie yarn by Skacel in the color Abalone and I think this will be the most beautiful and drapey shawl when it is finished!

That is all folks--except I leave you with a picture of a springtime visitor I found outside my window the other day.


Happy yarn week everyone!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Here we are again! 
When I posted last week I was sick but determined to see my Sam play in one of his last concerts (of his high school years)  and I am happy to say I did make it.  I was so glad I did as the music was magnificent. The Bach piece was oh-so beautiful  and since Bach is my favorite composer I was most delighted.

Then I spent the rest of the week in bed.
Well, technically not in bed, but home from work sick. I watched a ton of trashy tv and knit.

And because of all that knitting time, I have a finished object to show you all. :)
My Sugared Violets Shawl:

 I am delighted with it~

I have been working on a couple of other objects but am not feeling too inspired by them right now.  The first one is this Jane cardi  I am making for Grandy Lyddie--but may  end up being for Grandy Millie for her birthday at the end of April. The construction of this sweater is a little different and called for picking up stitches--a skill new to me. Well after reworking that part 3 or 4 times, I finally got the stitches picked up to my liking but I am short about 10 stitches across the back and I am not sure how or why.  So, it was tossed into the timeout corner last night and I will  need to sit with it and do the math on it and try to fix it without ripping back again--
You know?  Creative knitting.

While the sweater languished in timeout last night,  I picked up my Greta Kitty.

 All I have left to knit is the tail. 
Then assemble and embroider the face.
And we all know how much finishing work excites us knitters.
Thus, it sits here today mocking me.

Why don't I start a new project you might be thinking?
Well, Michele (Knit Purl Hunter) releases her first clue in the new shawl mkal on Thursday  and I am just waiting for that to start--the Rylie yarn showed last week for it is sitting here just waiting!

That is it folks--but I  leave you with some inspiration.  (not Sam's group as  there no recording available yet)

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

blue snippets

Saturday blues...

Rainy and windy--and after being off work all week, my doctor put me on an antibiotic. My virus went bacterial. I changed primary doctors as I need to find one who does not poo-poo me and who will treat my symptoms a bit more aggressively.  I can't waste weeks of work waiting to see each time I get sick if it is viral or not.I have a history of not fighting things off well and now I am on a immune suppressant drug.  Sheesh....Now I am still not better to attend my work's huge fund raising auction tonight.  (I work for a fantastic non-profit-Children's Therapy Center. Each year we are facing funding cuts from the county, state and federal level--this auction helps us continue to help families who don't have insurance which will cover therapy-and oh yes, under the almighty obamacare, this is still happening!

Here is the video our CEO produced to show at last year's auction. The DJ in it is the son of one of our founders...He has cerebral palsy. I can't wait to see this years.  They have been filming all over our sites for several months now...

So, to cheer myself up, I thought I would share a couple of  photos of some recently acquired knitting bling--

My new project bag- and it is reversible!  The yellow is so cheerful as are the little giraffes. :)

And I have forgotten to share these cute little stitch markers I won during the Ravellenics!

Well, I suppose should end my little pity party and go fold some laundry--not to sick to do that!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

year of projects update

Happy Sunday?
I hope your Sunday is better than mine. I am sick,sick,sick with the worst crud  I have had all year. Considering how many people at work have been sick off and on since Christmas, I guess I am lucky not to have fallen ill more times than this.  Especially with how often people grab my phone at work and my pens too--the joys of working at a front desk! If not remarkably better by tomorrow,  I will be heading in to clinic for a strep test.  Tonight is Sam's last ever symphony concert with the special group he has played with since 8th grade-4.5 years-- and I am not going to miss it.  I will be that horrible person who goes out in public sick--I missed his last concert in the Fall due to stomach flu and I just wanted to cry yesterday when I realized how sick I was. Today is better--I am upright anyways. :)

Now, enough of my whining and on to the good stuff--yarn!
I am going to be participating in Knit Purl Hunters mystery shawl  kal- which starts on April 3rd.  Her kal's are so well executed  and even thought the Rylie yarn is a bit spendy, I allowed myself to splurge as I know when I am done I will have a beautiful item to wear.  Click the link above to read all about it.

Here is my Rylie  yarn ---the color is Abalone and I am so excited to get going on this  project! Rylie yarn is a mix of alpaca, silk and linen and is just beautiful.

My other shawl--the one I am knitting up for the Seattle to Portland Yarn Train--is coming alone quite well.  I had hoped to finish it this weekend, but I was too sick to even knit, people!  The pattern for this shawl is Sugared Violets and is quite nice to knit.  It will be my first crescent shaped shawl and I am really looking forward to wearing it. This blue is hard to photograph--it is actually a bit darker than in these photos.

Now, while Sugared Violets took up most of my knitting time this week, I did find a few minutes to work on Greta Kitty--here you can see that the legs have been joined and the body has begun.

And to give hope to all my East Coast readers who are still  buried under feet of snow, Spring has happened here and it will for you too! This is the ornamental plum tree in my front yard--see the blue sky too?  That was a welcome sight as we have been deluged by rain all month!

That is all I have today.   I hope to visit all of you to see what wonderments you are creating!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sugared Violets Shawl

dainty eyelets


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winter is past....

 Spring has arrived!  

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