Friday, July 25, 2014


These girls!
Are arriving for a visit today!

Just for one night...but I will take it!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I have been waiting all summer for the local produce to hit the fruit stands. And by local, I mean produce from the Yakima area in Eastern Washington.
There is nothing better!
Or prettier.....

What do you look forward to in the summer, in your neck of the woods?

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Year of projects, year 4

Howdy folks!
I guess I am not off to a very good start to YOP4 as I missed posting  on the very first week, last Sunday.  I have spent the past two weekends working on a huge Shutterfly project--Sam's graduation book.  I finished it at 11:00 pm last night and had to pay extra shipping to get it here by Friday which is when we are having his Senior Sax Recital.  I really want to have it  here to display.   

But despite the busyness that is my life lately, there has been time for knitting.  I have one sleeve done on my baby sweater (for my friend's grand baby), and I am still working on dishcloths to stockpile as last minute gifts... (pictured is one ready to be seamed and the orange yarn that  is up next),  and I am working fast and furiously on my pink Flower Moon shawlette as I would love to have this to wear in my air conditioned office this summer.

I hope to get around to visiting you all this week--before the craziness of Friday hits.  My daughter and her 3 little lovelies are headed to our house for Uncle Sam's recital. I love this picture of them!


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Friday, July 4, 2014

new year: year of projects 4

Here it is!
The launch of Year of Projects 4.....
My goals?
Are many!
Just like every other year.
I completed my wrap up for year 3, last week. I felt pretty successful  I think I will follow the same format--focusing on techniques, leaving room for unexpected shiny new projects that pop up and then also having a more specific list to work from.

There was one last item I completed for year 3 which did not get its due in picture form-my Spectra Scarf. Here it is all blocked and ends weaved in...It was by  far my favorite project of the year!

Here is  photo of some of the yarns in my stash I hope to find myself working with:

1. Knit Alongs
I completed a total of 5 kal's last year and those projects were some of my favorites. So I will leave myself open for as many of those that come my way. Knit Along's are a great way to learn new techniques and meet new knitting friends!

2. Just For Me
1.Gray shawl -with yarn purchased on my Portland Yarn Crawl in 2013
2.Scarf, using pattern not on Ravlery with locally hand-dyed Alpaca (from Raniers game in 2013)
3.Scarf -pattern to be found, using blue silk Shibui  yarn
4.My first "Me" sweater: Vitamin D
5. Batkus with gorgeous Malabrigo in stash(purchased at least 3 years ago)
6. Mitts; pattern to be determined, using yarn I received from my swap partner in England (possibly Honey Comb Wrist Warmer pattern)
7. Firwood Fingerless Mitts-with alpaca purchased on yarn crawl
8. Shawl--using pink yarn from Fancy Image Yarn
9. Painted Desert Lace Shawl--also from yarn crawl
10.Other patterns I like (shawls): Frisson, Wingspan, Rondelay
11.Socks--finish pair on needles, at least 3 more pair
12. Finish Ashby Shawl

3. For the Grandys and Kids
1. Leksak Tunic: for Adelaide's November birthday
2. ?  for Amelia
3. ?  for Rosemary
4. Seahawk hat for Sam( have done by first game of season)
5. New pair of slippers for Adelaide
6. Finish Rebecca Danger Kitty (for Lyddie's birthday)

4. Gifts
1. Dishcloths to have on hand....
2. Flowers (pattern from Ruth) for my Mom
3. Knitted Fairies for Grandys
4. Finish baby sweater for little Azaria--just need sleeves

  5. Hat for Tina's  (at work) baby

5. Skills
1. Sweater for Me
2. Line a bag (my unfinished Noro bag)

6.  Items from previous year's lists that I don't want to lose track of.
1. Small little Acorn Bag
2. Rebecca Danger Toys
3. Hanging Bird
4. Gordan, Jaimie and Hugh Chickens

As usual, this list looks ridiculous--but I always like to have options!  I finished 28 items last year and I feel really good about that! 
Are you interested in our group? If so, click the link to find out more! Year Of Projects 4

Now let the fun begin!
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Monday, June 30, 2014


My whirlwind trip to see my Grands. 
How I spent my weekend...

The weather was hot, the sky was blue, and joy abounded.

 Lyddie age 4, Millie age 3,  Rosie age 1

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Epic Wrap Up: yop year 3

It has been a great year!
And a quick year!
I am posting this a day early as we are headed out of town to go visit my sweet little Grandys: Lyddie, Millie and Rosie!

As in years past, I did not complete everything I put on my list just 12 short months ago--but I had a very good knitting year. The collage below does not showcase everything I knit- but id does show some of my favorites.

The top row contains:
Hole Story Shawl, Vertebrae Sweater for Rosie, Sorello for Lyddie, Etta Cowl and Mitts for Cassidy

The middle row contains:
Fiver  Hour Baby Sweater for coworker, My First Ever Socks
The next row contains:
Susie Rogers Reading Mitts, Ictus Shawl
The last row contains:
Mittens for my Sarah, Oriental Lilly for Rosie, Downton Cowl, Bend Hat for Sam
And showcased in the middle is my last project and favorite,  my Spectra Shawl/Scarf

Below, I have copy and pasted my list (written June 30, 2013) and status of projects:

I. One of the most general categories this year for me is just going to be labeled, KALs!
Every year I find KAL's I want to join and don't feel free, because of "the list"! This year I am giving myself permission to stop working on whatever is on the needles from the list to join a KAL.  I really feel KALs  are so  beneficial to me-- first there is the camaraderie found within groups of knitters working on a common project or project theme.  Both through Year of Projects and various KALs I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world and I don't want to  miss out!  Plus, these  knit-alongs tend to push me in  the areas of skills and technique, and the other knitters are a plethora of knowledge and support.

My first project will actually be a summer shawl KAL hosted by Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch.
I plan to post all about it tomorrow.
1. Boo Knits Shawl:  Finished
2. Sock Kal--start in January (fancy image yarn): Finished
3. Yarn Train Shawl KAL--Sugared Violets: Finished
4. The Hole Story Shawl KAL (Knit Purl Hunter): Finished
5. Maker's Mercantile Stephen West KAL--Spectra Scarf---Finished

II. For Me: (see also, kals above)
1.Gray shawl -with yarn purchased on my Portland Yarn Crawl
2.Scarf, using pattern not on Ravlery with locally hand-dyed Alpaca (from Raniers game)
3.Scarf -pattern to be found, using blue silk Shibui  yarn
4.My first "Me" sweater (also found under skills)
5. Batkus with gorgeous Malabrigo in stash
6. Cowl--possibly Downton Abbey pattern: Finished, but gave to daughter for Christmas
7. Noble Cowl (started during year 2)  Finished
8. Susie Roger's Reading Mitts w/ Timberline Retreat yarn:  Finished

III. For the Grandys:
1. 3 little Christmas Hats for Grands: Finished (3 Christmas hats--fancy image kits)
2.Mitts--using stash gray yarn and pastel multi-colored eyelash yarn in stash: Made 3 sets of Muckluck Slippers for the Grands instead. Finished
3. Vertebrae Sweater for Rosie: Finished
4. A Tiki sweater pattern (to be named) for Lyddie: Sorello:  Finished, for her 4th birthday
5. Something for Rosie with cake of Fancy Image Yarn (blue) in stash

IV. For Gifts:
1. A super secret for someone loved:  Finished--a cowl and fingerless mitts for Sarah for Christmas
2. Blue alpaca Beanie for Sam (birthday in October): Finished for Sam's 18th birthday
3. Ruth's flower pattern for Mother's Day (possible for boys' girlfriends for Christmas)
4. Dishcloths for sons' girlfriends--Finished --but did mitts, a cowl and a headband instead

V. Carry over from Year 2:
1. Finish Noro bag
2. 3rd little girl Milo Vest: Finished
3. Ashby Shawl
4. Finish Oriental Lily for Rosie: Finished July

VI. Skills:
1. Socks!  YES!!!  Did my first pair!!
2. Adult sweater for Me!
3. Finishing: lining and seaming Noro bag

VII. Items from previous lists I don't want to forget about but probably won't get too:
1. Small little Acorn Bag
2. Rebecca Danger Toys
3. Hanging Bird
4. Gordan, Jaimie and Hugh Chickens


It appears that while I did knit for myself a bit, those items did not come from the distinct, For Me, category but from the KAL category.  Hmmm.....I see a trend here.  Again, I did not complete my goal of a sweater for myself and you can see I had no time for items I placed here but didn't want to forget about, see section VII.
 Stay tuned for next week when I reveal my goals for a year 4!!

But all in all, it was a fun year, and I am ever so thankful for the encouragers in our group who stop by each week to leave comments and even more thankful for my daughter, who gave me a knitting class at a yarn store for Mother's Day 5 short years ago! What an adventure this has been!

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