Sunday, July 5, 2015

Year 5!

Year Five!
Guys!  I have been participating in A Year of Projects on Ravlery for four years and it has been so much fun.
I love having a (tentative) plan for my knitting in the upcoming year...  (July to June)
I love visiting all the other participants and I appreciate the visitors and their comments on my blog.
I am ready for a new year to start!

This pictures embodies many of the yarns I want to work on.   Most of these are yarns I have purchased over the last couple of years on yarn crawls and trips by train to Portland.

So now I present to you below, some of the projects for next year....Of course not all of these will get done in a year, but I want to have one of these on the needles at all times...

 For Me:  I have decided to not put a sweater for myself on  here as a goal like I have in previous years.  I recently  realized that I really don't want one at this time. I much prefer wraps and ponchos and scarves.  Plus, we are predicted to have another dry warm El Nino winter, weather-wise-for the 2nd year in a row and I just have not been cold enough in the past year for a heavy sweater.

Lionberry Shawl (pink alpaca)
Sundry Shawl  (yellow and gray merino)
Nangou, or  Meridan  (brown, gold, rust cobasi)
Juggler's Scarf (pattern not online) (gold Road to China)
Reverse Psychology (pink and gray)
Churchmouse Folded Poncho (gray-blue)
Batkus (multicolored Malabrigo or possible a fingering version)
Le'Enveloppe (rust/gray/blue/orange)
Firwood Mitts (purple alpaca)
Wisp Scarf (pattern not online---pink/purple/tan Suri Alpaca)
Turkish Bed Socks (Koigu)
Night Owl Mitts (Madeline Tosh- probably a different pattern)
Wingspan (yarn my son gave me, zauberball)

For the Grandys:

Sheep (for the Grandys)
Sweaters (2, one for each of the older girls) for the Fall of 2015. I better get crackin' on those!
Dress (1, finish Rosie's Tiny Dress for Fall, in place of sweater)
???? Whatever else strikes my fancy!

Socks: I do want to focus more on socks this year!   I loved Cat Bordhi's class and look forward to some plain vanilla socks, in fun yarns, in which  to practice personalized sock fitting on myself.

Finish my Kaika socks
Regia #1
Regia #2
Turkish Bed Socks (Koigu)
??? Any others I might sneak in!

I finished 4 projects last year that were  knit for  KALs, and the Kaiko socks would be project #5 for this category.
I am looking forward to what comes my way this year.....

Christmas and Birthday gifts-to be determined, (what, for who and how much gift knitting), at a later date.

I am looking forward to stopping by and visiting  all the YOP participants, both old and new.  If you are interested in joining our group, visit our Ravelry page, here....

Currently I am away visiting my daughter and her family.  We are in Yakima Washington and it is hot, hot, hot over here! But apparently almost as hot back home in the Seattle area.  We are having  record breaking summer so far, and it is barely July.

Stay cool!

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Year of Projects-the end


Year 4 is done??

The year is a blur in so many ways-life feels like it is a ride that keeps speeding up and I can't slow it down.
What fun it was then,  to look at my Ravelry page and see all the lovely things I have created---items lovingly knit on in the evenings where I manage to grab some time to sit down, breathe and center myself.

My list, posted last June for Year of Projects,  year 4 is below.
Did I change some stuff  on it throughout the year?
You bet I did! 
And so did several other members.
Is that okay?  You bet it is!

Even though  many of the items do not have a  ~Finished~ next to them, there are 17 items which do!  I am pretty proud of myself  All of these projects can be viewed on my Ravelry page, and I have included many pictures too, at the end of this post. 

So, that is a wrap on year 4 and next week I will be posting my plans for year 5.  If you want to join us in this little endeavor, click this link to our Ravelry group page.  This group is easy, drama free, and full of wonderful yarny people from all over the world.  All you do, is put together a list of what you would like to work on for the coming year, post a weekly blog update each Sunday and then publish that link on the Rav page for our group. Then, we get to visit each other--to Ooo & Ahh  over items, offer encouragement and help when needed too! 


Year 4 list:
1. Knit Alongs
I completed a total of 5 kal's last year (year 3) and those projects were some of my favorites. So I will leave myself open for as many of those that come my way. Knit Along's are a great way to learn new techniques and meet new knitting friends!
1. Traveling Doll, named Hattie,  with Knitting Group friends--Finished
2. Knit Purl Hunter October Namesake mystery cowl- Finished
3. KAL with Myra's yarn--Frisson with my January yarn-of-the-month- Finished
4. KAL Hitchiker for Portland Yarn Train--Finished
2. Just For Me
1.Gray shawl -with yarn purchased on my Portland Yarn Crawl in 2013
2.Scarf, using pattern not on Ravlery with locally hand-dyed Alpaca (from Raniers game in 2013)
3.Scarf -pattern to be found, using blue silk Shibui  yarn
4.My first "Me" sweater: Vitamin D
5. Batkus(or something else) with gorgeous Malabrigo in stash(purchased at least 3 years ago)
6. Mitts; pattern to be determined, using yarn I received from my swap partner in England (possibly Honey Comb Wrist Warmer pattern) --Used leftover Trekking yarn from Spectra and did a pair of Sweet and Simple Mitts, called Rainbow--Finished
7. Mitts--using X-Mitts pattern with Seahawk yarn- Finished 

7. Firwood Fingerless Mitts-with alpaca purchased on yarn crawl
8. Shawl--using pink yarn from Fancy Image Yarn: Finished
9. Painted Desert Lace Shawl--also from yarn crawl-maybe something different with this yarn
10.Other patterns I like (shawls): Frisson, Wingspan (with yarn Andrew gave me for Christmas) , Rondelay, 
11, Hitchhiker:  Finished 
12.Socks--finish pair on needles, at least 2more pair
13. Finish Ashby Shawl--Frogged--started Iberian Discovery Shawl with this yarn--Finished

3. For the Grandys and Kids
1. Leksak Tunic: for Adelaide's November birthday--Finished
2. ?  for Amelia
3. Finish Tikki's Jane sweater pattern  for Rosemary: Change of plans, doing Maddie's Tiny Dress for Rosie
4. Seahawk hat for Sam( have done by first game of season): Finished
5. New pair of slippers for Adelaide
6. Finish Rebecca Danger Kitty (for Lyddie's birthday)--Finished
7. Two Seahawk color work hats (for Sam and Austen_colorwork hats-- Finished x2
8. Color work hat for Andrew with Sounders yarn--Finished
9. Color work hat for Sam with Sounder's yarn--Finished
4. Gifts
1. Dishcloths to have on hand.... Finished 3-- I gave to Sarah for Birthday
2. Flowers (pattern from Ruth) for my Mom
3. Knitted Fairies for Grandys  (maybe Noro sheep instead)
4. Finish baby sweater for little Azaria--just need sleeves: Finished

5. Skills
1. Sweater for Me
2. Line a bag (my unfinished Noro bag)

6.  Items from previous year's lists that I don't want to lose track of.
1. Small little Acorn Bag
2. Rebecca Danger Toys (see above--finished a Kitty for Lyddie)
3. Hanging Bird
4. Gordan, Jaimie and Hugh Chickens




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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

yarn along.....

A photo posted by @kimreneegatz on

Hooray!  I finally finished The Shoemaker's Wife-and while I really did like it, I feel it was not Trigiani's best work.  It was a bit too long and the pacing of the story was  kind of choppy.  It spanned several decades but some periods of time and events only had a paragraph devoted to them, while other events and time periods had a bit too much to much time delegated to them.  Still and all, a beautiful story of love and devotion.

I have started a new book!    All the Light We Cannot See is one of those books with a lot of internet buzz surrounding it--probably because it is a Pulitzer Prize winner. I really enjoy books set during WWII so think this one will be one I get absorbed in quite quickly. I just started it last night so it is too soon to tell though.

Oh, and on the needles?  Still Rosie's Tiny Dress.
I am so close guys.
So close.
I so badly want to cast on something new, but by sheer grit and determination am resisting!

What are you reading? Or looking forward to reading?  And if you knit, are you casting on new shiny, summery things?

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today.....



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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

year of projects, winding down...

Hello!  Well did I have a whirlwind weekend.!

 First off, my son graduated from college. We are so very proud of him---it was a tough year and I think at times he really just wanted to quit, but he didn't--and next stop for him is his wedding in August!


My grandys came for a quick visit, where we managed to squeeze in a little trip to the beach.



Oh, and some water splash time in the backyard!


And of course, there was knitting. Again, the only thing I am showing is Rosie's dress because that is all I have been working on-I want this one before the end of June! I have the front and 2/3rds of the back done. Then just the seaming and buttons!

Our fourth year of Year of Projects (group on Ravelry) is coming to an end.  There is talk of a 5th year, and I think I will do it!  My list for the upcoming year is mulling around in my head--and will soon be put to paper in order to make it official. If you belong to Ravlery and want to join us, click HERE!

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Friday, June 12, 2015

feeling a bit giddy.....

Guess who is coming for a little visit this weekend?  Rosie, Millie and Lyddie!!

How I love being Mimi...

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

yarn along

Well, I guess I have been under radio silence for about a week!  This time of year is always so busy --and then this year there has been the death of my friend and a day later the news of a bit of a health scare for my Mama.  I spent this morning at an appointment with her and my Dad. And all we know at this time is  lots of hurry up and wait.

Between the pages
I have still been reading The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani and again, I acknowledge that it is taking me a ridiculously long time to finish it! I am enjoying it a lot, so let's just say I am reading slowly in order to savor it, shall we? 

On my needles: 
Through  all the sadness and craziness and worrying, the knitting has continued.  Recently I have been pretty committed to just  working on my wips as part of a summer challeng  but I think I need to cast on something new, just for me.
  I have had this yarn for almost 2 years and I found this pattern a while ago which I think will knit up great!

The only thing I have been working on this week, is Rosie's Tiny Dress. 

I am almost 1/2 way done with the back (the front is done) and I feel like now I understand the unique construction of this dress and it is knitting up faster.  I also finished Sam's Sounder's Hat and will share it next week.

For Mother's Day, my daughter gave me a Knit Picks gift card and it was sure fun browsing their website.  I decided on getting these two adorable project bags, because I never have enough of them!  Does everyone else have the same love affair I have for project bags?

Last, I am sharing a little gift my husband brought home the other day. He knew I have been wanting to see if we can get little Hummingbirds to visit us. I can't wait to get it hung up out in our backyard!

I hope you are all well this week and want to say how much I appreciate all the warm thoughts of sympathy sent my way last week regarding the passing of my dear friend.   Thank you all!

Joining in with Ginny and Yarn Along

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