Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Bloomin' Challenge

I just watched my local news and the weather report was dreary at best...rain, rain, ice pellets, wind, more rain, and high temps reaching only the upper 40's!

Imagine my delight when I stumbled on this challenge today (as I am home from work, sick with a flu bug)

Flowers! Spring!

This one is hosted by Esther and the rules are fairly simple.

BUD-VASE: Just as a bud vase highlights the beauty of a single bloom, this challenge level asks you to read a single book with a flower in the title.

NOSEGAY: Like a small bunch of flowers gathered together, this challenge level asks you to read two or more books with the same flower in the title.

BOUQUET: Fill a vase with the bounty of the season. For this challenge level read four or more books each with a different flower in the title.

GARDEN: When you just can't get enough, this challenge level requires you to read six or more books with flowers or flowery words (bloom, blossom, petal, etc.) in the title.

  1. The challenge will run from March 20, 2008 - June 20, 2008.
  2. You can choose one of the four levels (or participate in several levels!)
  3. You can cross-post with other challenges. You can even count the same book for different levels in this challenge!

I am only picking the bud vase challenge and will be reading Peony in Love by Lisa See.

Edited May 2008:
My review


  1. I'm so glad you decided to join. I've been hearing a lot about "Peony in Love" lately...I'm interested to hear how you like it.

  2. This was a clever idea!! I'll be watching for your review.


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