Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekly Geeks: the catch up week

This week’s theme is: catch up on… something.

Weekly Geeks #6 was catch up on reviews week, but so many of you organized bloggers were caught up with reviews that you chose to catch up on other things. So I kept in mind that a catch-up week every now and then will probably be welcome. At this point, I’m very behind on several blog tasks, so I thought maybe you might be, too!

I definitely could use some catch up time in several areas of my life but for weekly geeks I will focus my energy on blog related items:

1. I have been wanting to rearrange my side bar and do something different with all my challenge buttons.

2. Reorganize my list of books read this year in my side bar by listing them by months. I also need to transfer that list into my old school real live paper book journal I have kept every year since 2002.

3. I have a couple of reviews to write.

4. Update my tbr list in my sidebar.


  1. I love lists! :) I went a big updating spree earlier this week, so my main catch-up for WG is going to be tagging my books in Shelfari.

  2. You've got a lot of challenges, that's pretty impressive! I had planned on doing reviews to catch-up, but then decided to re-style my blog (lol) oh well I still have 6 days :)

  3. Good luck with your goals! My main one is to try to get caught up with reviews.


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