Sunday, March 25, 2012

Year of Projects: 3 quarters through

Good afternoon friends!
This is meant to be a knitting, year of projects post, but alas, due to all the sadness and stress of last week, hinted at here, I have not knit! (too exhausted each evening)

Well, that is not entirely true--I did manage to frog back my charity knit blanket, shown last week, and started it over with larger needles. The yarn I am using is very soft, but very spongy, which is something I have never encountered with a yarn before. I am a bit more pleased with it so far, but if you are a regular follower of my blog, you might remember this picture, taken today, shows a blanket about the same size as last week.

But what is new, shown in the picture, are my sweet new stitch markers! They were ordered from someone on Etsy, and consist of a little group of kitties. Some are of a kitten on a little bike, and the others are mama cats carrying little kittens by the scruff of the neck. (Even the little bag they were packaged in is adorable!)

Today, my son has a 2.5 hour dress rehearsal before a concert, so dearest husband I will be spending some time sitting in a coffee shop, where I will somehow find the oomph to knit up a storm! I need to revamp my list later today to get realistic about what will get finished by the end of our year. We are 3/4 through already1

For us northern hemisphere knitters, we are all hopefully beginning to experience some spring like weather. We here in Seattle, had a gloomy, damp, cold first week of spring which even brought snow to my little house on a hill, 3 separate mornings!
But today?
Today is blue sky with all its glory, and I think I will share a snap from my front yard with you...

Gotta run off and get ready for the trip to dress rehearsal.
Until next time.....
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  1. Awesome flower picture. Hope your stress level is better. Love the blue, hoping to see more of your project soon. Hang in there, knitting can be very helpful, and relaxing.

  2. Hurray ! Cherry blossoms! Now that's spring alright. Sounds like you need a break and a good rest. Hopefully things start to look up soon!

  3. I hope you did manage to get some quality knitting time today while you waited at rehearsal. Those stitch markers are fabulous. I've been loving stitch markers lately -- they really dress up our knitting, don't they?

  4. Those stitch markers are too sweet! And are those cherry blossoms? Jealous!

  5. I love soft spongy yarn but you are right in going up a needle size. You stitch markers are adorable and will come in handy for so many knitted things.

  6. I hope you find your zen w/these larger needles and project.
    How is the weather up there now? We've been having rain which has come back after a few days break.


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