Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yarn Along: my books & yarn

And it is Wednesday again!
And, how can it be May?
Besides all the stress that work brought me in April, we also managed to have several fun weekends--All but one weekend was full of excitement of one kind or another, but I am really looking forward to this coming weekend because I have absolutely nothing planned!  What I am really hoping for is a weekend full of knitting and reading.

Today I am linking up with Ginny over at Small Things Yarn Along event.  Books and knitting...doesn't get much better.
 On my needles I still have my charity blanket going. Having completed the first set of 20 rows of lace, I now only need to complete those 20 rows 5 more times.  Easy peasy, right? Well, we shall see. I am really aiming for having it done by next Tuesday or Wednesday.  The pattern is Leafy Baby Blanket and is working up nicely with my yarn--the brand?  I can't quite remember what kind right now...

Between my pages, I have two books going.  The first is (still), We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.  The subject matter of this book is the heaviest I have read in quite some time.  The bulk of the book is that of letters written by the mother of a son who has gone on a shooting spree at his high school--Columbine style.  Seriously, none of the characters are likable, the prose is the wordiest I have seen in a long while, it is chilling, disturbing and sad--yet I have found myself slowly sucked into this book. It is a shame I can only manage a few pages an evening before bed before falling asleep--the mind is willing, the body is weak!

To lighten things a bit,  (aka: bathroom reading), I have picked up Free Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, or the Yarn Harlot. I have heard she has a blog, but I have not been to it, although after reading this book I am in love with her writing and may have to begin following her. I did just purchase another of hers for my Kindle.  A little book full of essays regarding knitting, knitters, knitters lives, and those who live with them. One of the funniest essays I have read so far was called Furnace Wars, and those who live in a climate with dramatic seasonal changes, (she in Canada, me in Seattle) will know exactly what that phrase means. How long can you make it, in the dropping temperatures in the fall, before succumbing to the need to turn on the furnace?  Thus, in the turning on of that heater, you are admitting that the dark cold days of winter are lapping at the doorstep!  Who can wait the longest?  :)
 Seriously, if you are a knitter, I think you will love this book!

Until next time...
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  1. Just stopping in to say hello! I've been keeping up with all your photos on Facebook and let me just say...those little girls are just lovely!! You must be one proud grandma!! Hope you are well.

  2. You probably couldn't pick two more opposite books to read!! Yes, the Yarn Harlot is a great blog so go check it out -- I love her writing, too. I haven't read this Shriver book but did read So Much For That which was amazing. I think she's a really tough writer (tough on her readers, I mean) but if you stick with her, you'll be treated to some amazing writing. I'm looking forward to a very similar weekend to yours!! Whoopee.


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