Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sorry guys!
I guess I  should get the worst blogger award after my two week absence!
It just does not seem to slow down and I am just so tired after work most days, which just leaves the weekend for blogging.
I will cut to the chase on the knitting stuff--

1. Because we are expecting Grandy girl #3 in the not too distant future, I decided I really needed to finally tackle a pair of booties.  I have always been in love with this little Mary Jane pattern and talked myself into trying it.

It was a snap!  I even managed to make the pattern my own by making  a couple of modification to it--the most exciting being using Judy's Magic Cast On, which eliminated the seaming. The yarn I used, Patton's Grace, seemed to be more sport weight than DK, so I adjusted my needle size (down a size) and then knit the second size in pattern which gave a newborn size.    I love them!

2. It seems I am on a baby kick right now--as my other project I am in love with is this little hat and more booties, but this time, for a baby co-workers expected little boy bundle due in February.

I plan to use this pattern, Becky's Baby Booties, and I hope to be able to use Judy's Magic Cast On for these too.  The hat pattern I am making to go with these is called Jack's Button Hat. I think it will knit up into a sweet little gift.

3.  In knitting news for *me*, I am gearing up to start my first pair of socks..something I am anxious to try. I purchased this lovely fingering weight yarn while away on a get away weekend with my husband last week.

It is called Santa Fe by AslanTrends. Isn't it pretty?   I am pretty sure I will use this Basic Toe-Up Sock pattern. Wish me luck!

4. And last but not least, I am still working on my Barndance scarf--which is taking me forever to do a row on as there are well over 200 stitched on my needles!
This mess it what it looks like right now--I need to us up the black yarn before I join and do the ruffle in the cream yarn.

In happy family news, yesterday my son Sam won the regional state/ensemble instrumental contest!  Now we move on to the State competition which is held at the end of April.  We are beyond thrilled and over the moon with joy for him.  Here he is warming up, finding out he won, and showing off is lucky tie!  (This is his 3rd year to go to Sate, last year he actually got to go as an alternate. These days and moments which make parenthood so exciting!


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  1. OMG those booties are just to cute for words!! Great knitting all round and the best of luck with your socks, that is some pretty sock yarn you have there and I'm looking forward to seeing them progress. Congrats to your son its the best feeling in the world when you see them achieve something so great, you go round like a proud peacock and your right to. My Dominic has gotten his grade for his last piano exam, an honour, and is now preparing for his grade 2 exam and Caoimhe is preparing for her first exam!

  2. I love toe-up socks and bet you will, too! Big applause to your very talented young man!

  3. Pretty impressed with the booties, but REALLY impressed with your son's accomplishments.. I'm sure you know that music can be a tough and competitive world..we went through it with my son..and even the smallest awards are BIG!... Proud momma time!

  4. Those booties are precious!

    Congrats to your son!

  5. How awesome for your son! I used to play flute and participated in one muscial festival where I had played with two other bandmates in front of judges.
    You are such a wonderful grandmother, Kim. It must be so fun knitting for your gorgeous granddaughters.


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