Sunday, January 13, 2013

knitting update

Happy Sunday--
In knitting excitement, I do have a finished object to show off!  Yes, late last night I finished my Arwen cowl, just in time to wear to work tomorrow.  Believe me, with the chilly frosty temps we are fore-casted I will need something warm to wear!

Now that I have completed this project I can focus more on my Barndance scarf.

Another lovely project I hope to be wearing to work soon!

I am not really sure what I will be tackling after this one, but goodness knows the options are endless.

I updated my Ravelry project pages for a couple of items knit for the Grandys which were given to them as Christmas gifts and I think I will post those photos here!

Amelia showing off her Annie Sweater

Adelaide modeling her Esprit Tunic

That is all the news I have for today--I hope to get around to you all later this afternoon.
Ta Ta For Now~~~~
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  1. Your granddaughters are just precious in their handknits! And your Arwen cowl is lovely! The nicest thing about chilly temps is wearing handknits :)

  2. Oh the Grandies are gorgeous and what pretty models they make. I love the sweater and tunic. Well done on getting the Arwen complete and just in the nick of time also.

  3. Your Arwen cowl looks lovely, I bet you'll be pleased of it, and taking orders in your work for more. It is still fairly mild here, although they do keep threatening snow...we will see, being so coastal we often escape it.

    Your grandys look like little stars in your knits....clever you!

  4. Hand knits are the best. You did an awesome job on those Kim.

  5. You do beautiful work! I love the cowl and keep wondering why I don't have the desire to make some of these items since I love them...I just figured it out. I'm retired and dress like a farmer now! LOL! I'm always getting into paint or dirt and so flannel shirts and sweatpants are my uniform! LOL! I wouldn't dare wear something as pretty as your items. I guess I'll just have to gift them.
    The granddaughter's are darling and what beautiful things you made for them! Lucky little girls.

  6. Sorry, the kids steal the show from their gifts! Seattle has been colder than us (in the northeast!)..the shawl will be perfect! *frowning* about seahawks... *sobbing* about Denver!

  7. Hi, Kim! Your granddaughters are beautiful!

    You were one of the winners of my 2012 Southern Lit Challenge. Congratulations! I tried emailing you, but I'm not sure that you got it. You can email me at theintrovertedreader at gmail dot com to find out more. Thanks!

  8. Your grandaughters look so cute in their handknits! And well done for making them to fit perfectly.

  9. I love that project name - Arwen. It's sounds so feminine and a bit ethereal. Your granddaughters are so beautiful. I can imagine them running about and stopping to give you a hug and a kiss.


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