Thursday, February 21, 2013

My week so far in bullets...

  • I worked 1/2 a day this week...Tuesday...then came home with a GI bug....blech!
  • I have knit a little tiny bit on my new cowl project which is a knit-a-long

  • I have been sipping Ginger Ale and eating rice and applesauce and dry toast

  • I finished a book which is due for release next week, which is when my review will go up
  • I am sick and tired of being sick--2 bugs in 2 weeks
  • While much of country is hunkered down under a huge snow storm, we are bracing ourselves for a wind and rain storm tomorrow
  • I am hoping I will feel better enough for my sweet Grands to come for a visit on Saturday!  The nurse today assured me I was not contagious.....
  • Gentle rain out my window, leaving tiny raindrops

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  1. I had the GI thing after my flu bout but i think it was because of the antibiotics because now that I finished that round, my tummy is okay again. Hope you feel better. I still have a cough.

  2. Hope you feel better - something like that can make you feel so wretched.

  3. So hope that you are feeling better and those precious babies can come visit you! I love the focus on that photo!!!

  4. I heard this was going around. I'm sorry it decided to hit you. Hugs. But glad to read you're reading and knitting. Do vocalize how you like that pattern.


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