Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Glimpse

I rediscovered a lovely blog this week, Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and while I spent some time visiting I found a fun feature she has done on Saturday called Five Senses Saturday.  I love it!  It allows a window in to my little corner of the world and allows me to share a little bit about all the things I love most!

So, here is my first Five Senses Saturday:


The wind whispering through the trees. Quite a bit quieter than it was last night!
Pandora radio station playing my favorites--Nat King Cole station
The sound of a U-Haul pulling up to the house. My oldest son, for financial reasons needs to move home for a few months
My sweet Molly dog as she snores away in her little dog bed
Absence of my normal Saturday household noises as my youngest Sam is away on a Jazz Band trip


Yarney goodness!  Included are two of my current projects and some lovely Biwa Pearl Cotton, sent to me by Evelyn from Project Stash.  Thanks so much Evelyn, I love it and it arrived yesterday!
Stacks of paperwork I brought home from work--it will take a couple of weeks to catch up
Dishes in the sink
The last of my Christmas/ winter decorations needing to come down--a lighted swag above the dining table
First signs of spring--found in yard of a vacant house across the street


Laundry needing folding
The soft fur of beautiful Molly
Soft yarn....who wants to work from home when there is yarn to pay with?
Hand lotion---winter is brutal on my hands
My kindle--with a new book (galley), I'll Take What She Has....


Boiled eggs, homemade applesauce and watered down juice. Tummy still off a bit
Homestyle Chicken and Noodles---for dinner,  again, keeping tummy in mind
Biscuits--out of a can...I know, what a cheater I am!
Some Dove chocolate hiding in the cupboard 
Earl Gray tea


Baltic Sweet Amber Candle
Dryer sheets in clothes dryer
Chicken and onions and spices simmering on stove
Bath and Body Works spray--Cashmere Glow
Cinnamon in bowl that contained my lunchtime applesauce

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  1. How cool is this post?!?!?!?! Love it. It's intimate, informative and a great glimpse into your week. Truly journal-worthy! I may try this in the future!! Glad you're feeling a bit better and that you can become a safety net for your son! Gotta love family. :)

  2. This was absolutely lovely!! What a great way to look back on the year too!

  3. Very nice post, Kim. How'd you do the pictures in this post like that? They look so neat.


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