Sunday, February 3, 2013

Year of Projects

Sunday Greetings to you all.
 Another week has flown by and now we find ourselves in February already!
I had a busy work week but thankfully a fairly calm weekend as I think I am fighting a bug--the same bug which is leveling everyone at work and many of our patients. I feel better today than I did yesterday so I am taking this as a good sign.  I plan to just knit all afternoon and watch parts of that American event we call The Super Bowl, and then, Downton Abbey tonight.  I have tomorrow off from work and I plan to have a pretty quiet day then also.

I decided, at the last minute to knit up a little baby gift for a coworker, and completed all those dreaded finishing tasks on it yesterday. I used Becky's Baby Booties and Jack's Button Hat for this little newborn sized set. 

In other knitting news, I  abandoned my socks for the KAL I was hoping to participate in.  I just wasn't feeling the love at this time---I am feeling pressure to get this little Fiona's Top started for my baby Rosie.

  I am making the newborn size so it really needs to be ready when she is born in early May. I have mentioned before that this pattern is scary to me--the comments found on the pattern page are not all that favorable.  But the owner if my lys has knit it several times and assured me I could do it. I have finished the yoke and am now starting the first back section and first lace repeat. I foresee many, many lifelines inserted along the way!

While browsing blogs yesterday, I noticed a growing love for knitted and crocheted hearts---and imagine my delight when I found these cute little ones, with an accompanying tutorial!  I think I might try to tackle one or more....
I found this on Linda's blog, Natural Suburbia---Enjoy!

I leave you with a pretty little photo of the view we had  a couple of weekends ago when my husband took me away for a weekend.  We wen to Keyport Washington, a small little town right up against a naval base.  My parents were married close to here over 50 years ago when my Dad was in the Navy. 

Have a super week!
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  1. Hope you feel better soon. The harbour picture is so nice. Love the color of Fiona...anxious to see it progress.

  2. Yes, you fight that bug off! Especially since you have so many wonderful projects going right now, you can't afford to get sick : )
    I'm a little scared to watch the latest Downton after last week...

  3. Pretty, pretty yarn for Fiona's Top. I hope it goes well. I'm usually scared off by negative comments by fellow Ravelers too!

  4. I love all of Natural Suburbia's tutorials. She writes them well and is generous on sharing them. *BOOO, HISSS* on the Ravens...I seemed to be cursed as every team I rooted for ...LOST! The newborn set will make a wonderful gift...I thought I was feeling socks...but after frogging twice..maybe not!

  5. forgot to add that I love the new background you've added!

  6. What adorable knits ... and when you feel ready to pick up your sock knitting again, I'll be here to cheer you on!

  7. I'm sorry you're dealing with a sick bug. My lil' cupcake has a tummy bug right now all of a sudden and it's not due to stress.
    The picture is lovely. Looks right out of a movie. It's so sweet how your hubby takes you away for a weekend here and there.
    It's good you have someone to directly ask questions for that top project. I'm sure you'll do fine.


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