Sunday, February 17, 2013

Year of Projects

Sunday again!
How do the weeks fly by so quickly?
Sadly, I ended up pretty sick and missed a whole week of work--which sounds good in some ways, except I was feeling so poorly,  I hardly felt like knitting most of the week.
My Valentine's Day was pretty sad and pathetic too...but my dear husband left a few little cards around the house before he left for work.  One of them was left in my bowl of medicines....a place I was sure to see first thing after getting up!

I am glad to report that I am finally feeling just about normal--except for lingering junky sounding cough--and come Tuesday, my first day back to work, it will be time to pay the piper.  My job is such that just the emergency stuff that crosses my desk gets done when I am out.
The rest?
Is left to pile up.
I made the  mistake of checking my email so I have a good idea of what all I will be dealing with. Generally, when I have been out this long before, it takes 3-4 weeks to really and truly get caught up.  The biggest job will be to ascertain what is the most urgent and get everything prioritized!
But on to the knitting.....

I did make progress on my baby Rosie Fiona---

And then I spent an evening un-knitting 20 rows of lace!
Umm...that would be lace containing PSSO's, K2tog's, and Yarn Overs------
I made the shocking discovery that after finishing and binding off the back, and picking  up the front yoke stitches, I was knitting the front backwards! Yup!  The wrong side was facing out.
How in the world?  I swear I checked and double checked that fact.  It could have been worse--you know, like discovering this when I was done with all 9 lace repeat sections!

In other news, one of  the Ravelry groups I belong to, Friends of Fancy Image Yarn, (a local dyer who has a shop about an hour from my home) has decided to do a KAL.  It is the A Noble Cowl pattern, and Myra the shop owner has dyed special yarn for anyone who wants to use.

Of course, since her DK is my favorite, I opted in and am now in possession of this lovely purple yarn.

Purple is so hard to photograph, but believe me when I say it is a bit deeper shade than in this photo.

I dithered back and forth about joining this KAL, and when I remembered I had needed to drop the sock one which everyone seems to be doing, I guess I felt like I needed to redeem myself.  Besides!  KAL's are fun.

I thought I would share a link to a new recipe I am trying this coming week. It looks hearty and warm and perfect for a winter's night..... Homestyle Chicken & Noodles.  Doesn't that look yum?!

That is all for now---
*~*~~*Take Care~*~*~*
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  1. Uh oh ... knitting an entire section backwards is something I'd do... and then I'd be REALLY ANNOYED with myself! Looks beautiful in the photos!

  2. I'm so glad to hear you are on the mend..uggg to the backlog I'll bet your not looking so forward to getting back to work. Fiona is looking so cute bummer on ripping the lace out ! That is a gorgeous shade of purple and that cowl pattern has gone into my favourites for when I have some more well you know I will at some stage lol.

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Try not to think too much about the back log. It will all be there waiting for you. Enjoy your last few hours of peace and quiet.

  4. How are you feeling now? :0( I think it so sweet how your bubbie left cards where'd you'll find them. Sorry about the oopsies on your grandy's top. But great that you caught it.

  5. ugg..sounds like a project in itself ripping all that out..I would have been too frustrated and the whole thing would have ended up in the corner...hopefully the illness will pass without a trace of the cough that so many around here seem to seems to last for weeks...DH is wonderful..deserves a big hug..but only when you are feeling better!

  6. Your knitting is so pretty!!! What lucky grandbabies to receive those labors of love! Purple is such a beautiful color!


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