Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fiber Time

Oh my word!  How can it be March already?? Truly, weren't we just opening up lovely Christmas presents just yesterday?
I guess I should not be so surprised  as the signs of Spring beginning are all around me---crocus's popping up all over, the earliest of all the flowers where I live, birds chirping in the mornings, and last night, the frogs were out in the wetlands making all kinds of noise!    I know that we are now 2/3 of the way through our YOP  year, and while I don't think I am 2/3 done with my project list, I have made a good dent in it.

Rosie's dress, is almost done!  Here you see it in my usual photography spot--the windowsill where I have the best natural light, always.

All I need to do is stitch up the side seams and get some buttons.  I have never seamed a garment before, but I watched  a very thorough tutorial on the mattress stitch and think I will be able to do it.

I have also been working on my Noble Cowl, but as usual, the purple color of the yarn did not photograph very accurately--

I am thinking I am going to have to put the cowl on hold for a bit as I want to knit a couple of these adorable little bunnies for the Grandies for Easter.

 I am hoping to knit a little dress for each of them with the sock yarn showed in the picture--I am just not sure what pattern to use for that and I am not sure how big these bunnies will actually turn out.  I had to search high and low on the Lion Brand site for this actual pattern as it had been cached--but my persistence paid off.  I ordered my yarn from Knit Picks--a first for me and it actually feels wonderful. The tan yarn is called CotLin and is part cotton and part linen.  If I get these finished they will count towards my goal of  knitting my first ever toys.

Well, dear readers, I leave you with this beautiful photo of some spring I found in my neighborhood....

Until next time....cheers!

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  1. Knit Picks has some nice yarns, CotLin is one I really like. I think the little dresses will look perfect in that sock yarn!

  2. Happy Spring! I think we're a couple weeks away from crocuses here, but I just couldn't wait and bought some forced spring bulbs at the local garden centre. I'm just desperate for winter to be over with :)

  3. Oh that flower photo is gorgeous! You always have beautiful photos on each of your posts, it is always a treat. The dress is even more darling! Any little girl is going to be so super cute in it!

  4. Those flowers are spring here the bunnies..and the dress is so pretty...

  5. Spring is weeks and maybe months away in my part of the world... It's snowing here and we woke up to -15C today.
    The dress is going to be beautiful and I can't wait to see those bunnies :)
    Have a great week!

  6. Rosies dress is looking just wonderful and the mattress stitch is not so bad once started and it gives a good seam. I really love the look of the bunnies, what a great Easter gift. Our earliest flowers here are snowdrops which are wonderful to see under the trees around, we have daffodils out now and I see my grandmothers crocus out when I pass her house, she is by far a much better gardener than I, green fingered I am not!

  7. I love yarn!! I wish I was talented like you and could actually make something out of it!! Love the flower..there's hope that spring is around the corner!

  8. I did my first seaming a few weeks back..and you'll get the hang of the mattress stitch quickly..thanks for the spring we are on the block for 2 inches of snow thursday *sigh*

  9. That knitted dress is adorable. I'm totally jealous of the baby who gets to wear it. So cute!

  10. The dress is beautiful. If you like to make animals, Jean Greenhowe has some lovely knitting patterns - I've been making cinderella dolls and elephants for my grand children.

  11. That dress is so cute, I hope we get to see her wearing it! And very cute bunny pattern, the sock yarn will be perfect for a dress.

  12. Your yarn colors show you're ready for spring! Love them all.


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