Wednesday, July 17, 2013

books and sticks

Sadly, my photo today looks quite a bit like my photo from last Wednesday--

My Book:  A Hundred Summers, which is excellent and perfect for a summer read

My Needles:   Ictis Shawl--now midway through 3rd pattern repeat-I am pretty sure I will be doing a 4th repeat as I really don't want this shawl to turn out too small.

I have a crazy week going on right now---hope to get around to visit you all by the end of it!
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  1. Hope your week is not to crazy but it's good to be busy.

    I really like the yarn, and the pattern you are using. I have added on a few repeats as well. Hate it when they are too daughter winds up with them when that happens.
    I enjoy taking a peek at others creations. Thanks for sharing.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

  3. Gorgeous greens in that yarn - like being deep in the forest. And doesn't that sound delightful cool and refreshing?! Hope things go well this week!

  4. Yum, I love your yarn! I agree that it looks like a walk in the forest - all shady and cool and green.

    Been thinking and praying for Sam and for you while you miss him! Can't wait to see you, maybe we can take your mind off missing him a little. The girls are so excited to come even for a short visit. Millie was bursting to tell people at Costco yesterday, "We're going to Mimi and POPPI'S!" I keep having to remind them both that we still have three days before our trip, haha! They both love you so much, as do I! <3

  5. That yarn is awesome. I want to reach out and molest it.

  6. Love your yarn and your pattern. Always better to knit another repeat :)
    Have a beautiful week.

  7. THAT is PERFECT summer title. I have to look up that booK!

  8. Beautiful shawl! The yarn looks soft and cozy! Happy knitting!


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