Thursday, July 11, 2013

pick a boo

The shawl.
Oh my goodness.
This shawl is giving me fits.
I was so enthusiastic to begin Sarah's  (Crafts from the Cwtch) summer shawl KAl.  I mean it isn't like I have never knitted lace before--but for some reason I am struggling with this very well written pattern, Ictis by Boo Knits.

I started out with lace weight yarn--a very pretty Malabrigio Silkpaca--

which I came to loathe after just a few days, but after starting the thing over and over, I decided a new yarn was called for.

I just happened to have this lovely green hand-dyed 3 ply fingering  just laying around waiting to be chosen for a project.
And now I have this!

There was also a little drama regarding needles too. I was thinking I might need to go up a needle size--to  a size 8. 
Could I find my Addi Click size 8's???  Of course not. 
After turning my house upside down , to no avail, and subjecting my teen boys to a mommy temper tantrum,
I gave up and decided to purchase a new pair the next day. 
Which I did, on Sunday.
Which is why, of course I found my missing needles on Monday! 

People already have finished shawls up on Ravlery?  
I will probably need the entire time allowed, and even then I might be pushing it!

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  1. I have a fit too when I can't find something. Oh boy your frustration has circled around twice. Now this should be third time's the charm!

  2. LOL, I can totally relate to the needle hide-n-seek game! Mine usually turn up in a forgotten UFO. Even though the start was frustrating, your shawl is looking so pretty in the new yarn. Beautiful greens are irresistible.

  3. I am in the process of buying new needles when I start a new project, because a good few months ago when sorting my craft room I managed to lose mine! They are only Chepstow ones, but it is so annoying....I'd love to try some addis, or something similar, I always use circs, and the cheap ones have such a noticeable ridge on them, especially in the lace weight I'm using for my shawl.

    Your ictis is looking great so far, that colour is gorgeous!

  4. I'm so glad you have found a yarn you're happy with - its looking gorgeous. And can I admit to a chuckle about finding the missing needles after buying the others? This is EXACTLY what would have happened to me.....because it happens with everything here!


  5. I'm thrilled you switched over to some yarn you like as you really were not liking the Malabrigo and it's looking great now. I'd have thrown a fit also if I couldn't find my needle only because I have one corner of our sitting room for my knitting and supplies and its an understanding here that you don't touch it so I to be fair I leave my yarn and supplies only in this place but they do tend to disappear or I put them down in that corner and suddenly they have legs ! You now can do though two shawls with two sets of the needles lol. I hope the rest of Ictis journey is smooth and just think how this will become your favourite shawl !

  6. Arg! I can feel the frustration of this post but you know what? Look at the end result. It's gorgeous.

  7. Oh how pretty that shawl is. And the needle thingy? Just about makes a body crazy when that happens. I hate loosing needles and then finding them AFTER I need them.Keep going on the shawl. It is coming a long nicely even from last Sunday.

  8. Both of those yarns are gorgeous, but you obviously seem much happier with the second. The shawl is now coming along a treat and of course you found your needles after you bought new ones :)

  9. Kim, it has been awhile since I have commented, but that is completely GORGEOUS! sometimes you just need a new yarn!!!
    -Shateen (now blogging at

  10. I understand your frustration! Sometimes yarn and projects are just not a good match. I laughed at your needles being found on a forgotten wip, I could of written that myself!

  11. I think you yarn change was a good idea. I LOVE how its is coming you finish in the back of the are still ahead of me!


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