Monday, September 2, 2013

yarn and food

Sunday came and went without my Year of Project post getting written. But this week I am not as tardy as I was  the last two weeks!  I had a good reason though, as the food preserving bug hit me hard this year, and of course late summer is the time we do that kind of thing.  And, when you work full time, the only time you have to carry out this task is on the weekends.  This being a three day weekend here in the States, Happy Labor Day by the way,  it was the perfect time.  (Photos at the end of this post)

In knitting news, my update is a bit short and sweet! While I did continue working on the tweed Milo Vest for Millie, not enough progress was made to warrant a photo.  What I found myself in love working, was the baby Vertebrae Sweater for Rosie.  What a fun little knit and might be a sweater that I would consider making for a baby shower gift as you really just end up knitting 1/2 a sweater since there really is not much of a front.  This size is a 6-12 month and I can imagine how quickly this would knit up and how much less yarn you would need  for the newborn or next size up.  The other great thing is that she gives directions for 3 yarn weights--fingering, dk, and worsted!  I worked a couple more rows of the edging ribbing since these photos were taken, and now I just need to bind-off!

 (The back)

This week saw me try a new skill--picking up stitches!  While the outside looks great where that happened, the inside is a bit messy looking as I don't think I picked up close enough to the edge of the sweater.   But, lesson learned, right?

Now--the photos of the food stuff I accomplished yesterday:

100 little cucumbers were transformed into 10 quarts of pickles--using an old recipe that my mom used

48 ears of corn were processed and frozen into 12  bags of fresh tasting corn for the winter.  I put four ears in a bag, so that should give us 12 different meals.  (Maybe a pot of corn chowder will be made from some---yum!)

And today?   These beautiful peaches will find themselves floating in jars of sugary goodness!  I also have a tree of little Italian Plums which needs to be picked and then canned.  Maybe even some plum jam!

That is all the exciting news from me--and there may not be an update next weekend as I am going on my first ever knitting retreat with friends to Mt. Hood Oregon.  We are staying in this fabulous lodge--Timberline--built in the late '30s as part of Roosevelt's WPA project during the Great Depression.  Photos, Here and Here and Here... I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

I will be making the rounds to visit you all, in between batches of peaches going in the canner to process!

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  1. Ooh! That knitting retreat sounds so cool! Your canning is a success. Corn cut off from the cob tastes fresher than buying frozen. The baby cardi is adorable. I love the fall like variegation.

  2. How smug do you feel after preserving and making's good for the soul isn't it. I very often make bramble jelly out of blackberries in the hedges, it is divine on toast for breakfast. The boys picked some blackberries yesterday and I made a dessert for supper last night with those, some cooking apples and a spong topping....yum!

    Your little cardigan is really sweet, one of my first knitting projects was making a small baby cardi, they're great projects as the don't get boring do they.

    Have a lovely week.x

  3. Where to start first....Happy Labour Day to you all and that Baby Vertebrae is only gorgeous I love it, I think it's in my favourites and looking at yours I'm really going to have to go try it and see if it's in larger sizes for Lady Evelyn !
    Love the pickling and perserving, it is something I really love seeing. I've never tried it so who knows you may kick my butt into gear to give it a try this year.
    A knitting retreat right now in my week sounds like total heaven ! I do hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun. xx

  4. That sweater looks really cool!

  5. Oh my. Your baby vertebrea is wonderful. I have it in my library on Ravelry, I liked yours so much. I am happy to see that the are of canning has not died. I use to do it but since I no longer have a garden or friends with gardens, I have not done it in years. But totally enjoyed doing it when I did. We made it into a party and had all sorts of people come over and had several pressure cookers going at once. And as for the yarn retreat!!!!!!!!!!!! I am envious. Can not wait to hear all about it and see all the lovely pictures I know you will take.

  6. I am thoroughly impressed! And feeling a bit guilty! Of course, I'm hoping to move so I didn't do any canning or freezing...that's my excuse anyway! But I do love to look at all the "stock" for the winter ahead....such a great and worthwhile feeling.
    Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I love that yarn too! You do such a beautiful job on your knitting projects and take such beautiful pictures. You should start a scrapbook of them. Oh my gosh...I would be so excited about Mt.Hood and the knitting retreat too!!!! Although, I don't think I could knit in a group....I can barely manage by myself with no t.v. on! LOL! Have a wonderful time (I know you will) and I can't wait to hear and see all about it!

  7. That baby vertebrae is adorable and the yarn perfect! I like it even more now and may have to make one for my big girls!!

  8. Baby Vertebrae looks amazing! And wow on the pickling, I've never done anything like that, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

  9. I see your knitting pictures and am inspired to try knitting myself... and then I remember that I am a total failure when it comes to anything related to needles :)

    I am SO impressed with your canning abilities and dedication. I have dreams of returning to a simpler lifestyle - growing and canning my own food, living off the land... and then life takes over and I resort to the convenience of the local grocer.


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