Sunday, March 23, 2014

year of projects update

Happy Sunday?
I hope your Sunday is better than mine. I am sick,sick,sick with the worst crud  I have had all year. Considering how many people at work have been sick off and on since Christmas, I guess I am lucky not to have fallen ill more times than this.  Especially with how often people grab my phone at work and my pens too--the joys of working at a front desk! If not remarkably better by tomorrow,  I will be heading in to clinic for a strep test.  Tonight is Sam's last ever symphony concert with the special group he has played with since 8th grade-4.5 years-- and I am not going to miss it.  I will be that horrible person who goes out in public sick--I missed his last concert in the Fall due to stomach flu and I just wanted to cry yesterday when I realized how sick I was. Today is better--I am upright anyways. :)

Now, enough of my whining and on to the good stuff--yarn!
I am going to be participating in Knit Purl Hunters mystery shawl  kal- which starts on April 3rd.  Her kal's are so well executed  and even thought the Rylie yarn is a bit spendy, I allowed myself to splurge as I know when I am done I will have a beautiful item to wear.  Click the link above to read all about it.

Here is my Rylie  yarn ---the color is Abalone and I am so excited to get going on this  project! Rylie yarn is a mix of alpaca, silk and linen and is just beautiful.

My other shawl--the one I am knitting up for the Seattle to Portland Yarn Train--is coming alone quite well.  I had hoped to finish it this weekend, but I was too sick to even knit, people!  The pattern for this shawl is Sugared Violets and is quite nice to knit.  It will be my first crescent shaped shawl and I am really looking forward to wearing it. This blue is hard to photograph--it is actually a bit darker than in these photos.

Now, while Sugared Violets took up most of my knitting time this week, I did find a few minutes to work on Greta Kitty--here you can see that the legs have been joined and the body has begun.

And to give hope to all my East Coast readers who are still  buried under feet of snow, Spring has happened here and it will for you too! This is the ornamental plum tree in my front yard--see the blue sky too?  That was a welcome sight as we have been deluged by rain all month!

That is all I have today.   I hope to visit all of you to see what wonderments you are creating!

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  1. Wow, lovely blossom - hope that makes you feel a little brighter. I'm so sorry you are feeling unwell - hope tomorrow brings more improvement. I love the blue yarn and the variations within it.

  2. Feel better soon! This has been a brutal weekend for flu. And too sick to knit is pretty sick indeed :(

    Love the photo of the pear blossoms. We're several weeks away from that kind of spring.

  3. Oooh, that first yarn sounds lovely, I've never done a mystery kal before, it sounds fun. Sorry that you've been feeling so poorly, I hope you enjoyed your son's concert, hopefully you are already feeling better. You know things are serious when you're too poorly to knit!

    The blossom is so pretty, I'm not sure ive seen any here yet, it will be most welcome though.

    Hope you have a great 'feeling much better' week!

  4. I really hope your better soon and that you got to see Sam's concert. I'm loving the new yarn for the mystery kal and the Sugared Violets oh my that is a gorgeous pattern, it's going to look so lovely in the blue. What pretty blossom.

  5. Oh, you poor is so awful to feel so ill. I know you're really sick as you're "too sick to knit"? Now that is SICK! I hope you don't miss Sam's concert and that you feel well enough to enjoy it. You rock when it comes to yarn choices and projects. I think I'm just going to stalk all your kntting. I am finally getting anxious to do a shawl but not a KAL.....yet. Those little cat legs are so cute and I love that yarn too...of course. My prayers go out to the victims of those terrible mud slides in your state. I pray you get better soon and that you stay safe.

  6. Oh man, why are you so sick? Boo on that! I'm so sorry. I am SO coveting that Rylie yarn! It looks heavenly. The little kitty legs are cute, like a toddler baby.


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